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Wings Program

Burnaby Lake Flyers Wings Program

Welcome to the Burnaby Lake Flyers Association/Model Aeronautics Association of Canada training program. This program will teach you the basic of flying radio controlled model aircraft and is MAAC's best effort to assist you in the process.

There is nothing in this program that guarantees that you will become a successful R/C pilot. Nor, are there any expectations on how long it will take to complete this program. Like everything else, your success will all depend on your willingness to spend the time and practice.

This program is a series of lessons designed to build upon previous lessons to develop the skill and confidence, which will allow you to thoroughly enjoy your new hobby.

Upon completion of these lessons, you will be ready to take your "A Wings" test. This test is designed such that you can demonstrate to the club's satisfaction that you are able to control your plane safely. After passing this test, you will be allowed to fly without an instructor present.

Hopefully, the completion of your "A Wings" is only the beginning of your learning and will serve as an incentive to get out and fly. Where you go from here is up to you. Good Luck!



  1. Download, print and read Burnaby Lake Flyers Wings Program from this link.

  2. Talk to an executive member to arrange for an assigned instructor.

  3. Make arrangements with the instructor regarding when to meet. Bring the document with you for each lesson.

  4. Have fun.

Also this Link is the MAAC Wings program document (6Mb) which describes the four levels of the national wings program in detail.

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