In order to retain valid MAAC insurance coverage for our club and members, all Model Aeronautics Association of Canada rules and regulations apply to any member/guest while participating in flying activities on the BurnabyLake flying site at all times. In addition there are rules and regulations specific to our club because of the use of City of Burnaby Parks land.

A): As a club that shares field usage with the general public, any member found in violation of flying in an unsafe manner or in out of bounds areas can immediately be suspended from using these facilities for a period of up to 30 (thirty) days. Members found in subsequent violation can be terminated from active membership of the club by vote of the membership.

B): Agreements have been made between the City of Burnaby and our club in regard to the times we are allotted to the use the field at Burnaby Lake. Members may use the field at times when field is booked for club activities (scheduled), or when field is unused by other sporting groups. Activities scheduled by Burnaby Parks take precedence over all other.   See the Field Schedule.

C): In the event of confrontation, take the avenue of least resistance. Remember this is a park and a public place. All members must use common sense when flying their airplanes, especially where public safety is of concern.


Burnaby Lake Flyers Field Safety Regulations


Regular Field Sign Layout

   1.I will have a valid MAAC insurance card or proof thereof.

   2. I will place warning signs at designated locations (shown above) prior to flying my aircraft at Burnaby Lake flying field.             Members found disregarding this rule will get an automatic 1 month suspension of flying privileges


    3. All transmitters used at our field must be capable of doing a range check with the exception of drone transmitters and              all pilots of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters must do a range check before the first flight of the day with each aircraft.

    4. I will keep and use my own frequency pin/marker for the frequency board.

    5. Pilots must have passed Wings Level “A” or higher to fly solo at the field. If Wings Level “A” has not been obtained or if it            has been revoked, a qualified instructor with minimum Wings Level “B” must accompany said pilot. Helicopter and multi-rotor pilots must have BLF Blades “Heli1” or higher to fly solo at the field, and must abide by the BLF Blades Helicopter Program document.

   6. No gas/glow-powered planes are permitted at any time.

   7. I will not over-fly the pit area, parking lot, clubhouse or the playground to the south of the field.

   8. I will not fly my aircraft while other user groups are participating in allotted, scheduled games on fields 3, 4, 5 & 6.

   9. I will keep my aircraft in a safe place (away from spectators) while working on it or while it is on the ground in the pits.

   10. Any visitor in pit area must be accompanied by a club member at all times. Children and pets must be kept under                     control in pit area at all times.

   11. Flights must be limited to 15 minutes when others are waiting to fly.

   12. An aircraft that utilizes a 5-cell lipo battery or larger must be armed and disarmed at a pilot station, not in the pit area.

   13. Pilots will receive only one warning for safety violations after which on the second violation (for the same offence) they             will be prohibited from flying for a period of 24 hours. These Offenses will be logged by the safety officer. A second                   suspension in the same 30 day period may result in longer suspensions after being reviewed by the safety committee.

   14. For FPV, must respect MAAC and Transport Canada rules. Have a spotter capable of operating that model and that                      transmitter’s configuration. FPV model must remain close enough for spotter to see the unobstructed model’s                           orientation.

   15. Multi-rotor flying is prohibited. Special permission to be granted by 2 Executive Members for all future members to fly             multi-rotors for special purposes only. Members who have been a continuous member since November 2, 2016 are                  grandfathered to fly multirotors.  Multirotor racing, racing practice and obstacles are prohibited.

   16. No smoking in the vicinity of the pit area and the pilot stations.

   17. Guests who are accomplished pilots, and are MAAC members, are allowed to fly not more than 3 days before they                     must pay to join our club. They must be accompanied during all flights by a club member, who should pre-familiarize               the guest with club rules and boundaries. A guest’s ability to fly should be pre-assessed with a brief interview by a                   club member. Guests who are not accomplished pilots should be buddy-boxed. During special events, a guest need not             have a member standing beside them when flying.