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The Burnaby Lake “Hood’s Up” Flyers flying club was formed in 2000 in response to a request from the City of Burnaby’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services that all flyers be controlled and that they be self-policing. Agreements in principle were made between the City of Burnaby and the local Model Aeronautics Association of Canada’s (MAAC) Asst. Zone Director for BC, Doug Burt in order to proceed with the organizing and setting up of the new club.


The five founding members included Brad Trent, Cyril Meadows, Jacques Heyrman, Russ Roxburgh and Doug Burt. These five gentlemen all took the responsibility of forming the nucleus of what was to become one the most successful Electric-Only clubs in Canada. The term “Hood’s Up” was coined by one of the club’s founding members, Russ Roxburgh, when asked where we fly. His response was “Just look for all the cars with their hood’s up” at Burnaby Lake.

The Burnaby Lake Flyers has an open membership and follows the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC) regulations as a chartered and registered club. Anyone flying at the Burnaby site must be a member of the club and have valid MAAC insurance. The club, on behalf of its members, contracts with the City of Burnaby for allotments which regulate the dates and times our members can fly. Please refer to the Field Schedule for current allotments.  No gas or glow powered aircraft are permitted.​

Club's Founding Members

Brad Trent

Cyril Meadows

Russ Roxburgh

Doug Burt

Jacques Heyrman

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