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Blades Program

Burnaby Lake Flyers (BLF) club members fly in a city park, so we want to ensure that RC helicopters are flown in a competent and safe manner at our field. Radio control helicopters are an interesting but challenging hobby. The “BLF_Blades” program has been put in place to ensure that helicopter flying is done in a safe manner. The club does not allow RC helicopter pilots to fly without supervision unless the pilot is certified under the “BLF_Blades” program. Novices without certification must be under the constant supervision of a BLF heli instructor or club executive member.

Note that we encourage those new to radio-controlled model aircraft to first learn to fly an airplane using the BLF Wings Program. But when you want to take up the challenge of heli flying, here is what you must do:

  1. Download, print and very carefully study the Burnaby Lake Blades Program from this link.
    It describes rules, procedures, and certification required for RC helicopter flying at our field.

  2. Talk to an executive member to put you in contact with a BLF heli instructor.

  3. Make arrangements with a BLF heli instructor regarding when to meet. Bring the document with you for each lesson.

  4. Make arrangements to get certified to the BLF_Heli1, and later the BLF_Heli2 level.

After passing the first of these certifications, you will be able to practice to fly your helicopter further without the supervision of an instructor. However, with either the BLF_Heli1, or more advanced BLF_Heli2 certification, both aircraft and heli pilots will still always need to abide by the special field procedures for heli flying.

Burnaby Lake Flyers Blades Program

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