May 29

Our Second Q&A Workshop of 2019

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Tuesday, June 04, 2019 at 7:00 pm

We are have some really good interactions at our Q&A Workshops. Notice we have moved to a Tuesday night so as not to interfere with flying. So no more excuses! All members of Burnaby Lake Flyers are welcome to come to these workshops. Ask questions, provide some

insite, share experiences. We can all learn from each other.

Workshops are in meeting room 1 at the West Sports Complex on Joe Sakic Way.

Jun 2Edited: Jun 2

Free pop and donuts at the workshop but no pizza, so eat supper before you come!

We will try night flying at the field at 9:30 pm if no one else is using the field at that time.

(Tuesdays we don't have an allotment).




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  • doogledog69
    Nov 4
  • russt
    Jun 4

    Our next educational RC workshop on electric RC aircraft topics will occur on Tuesday, June 04, 2019. Several topics will be introduced and thoroughly explained as request by the attendees (e.g. see list below). Instructor : Russ T. Workshop Time : 7pm sharp, Tuesday, June, 4, 2019.. Location : Room #1, Burnaby Lake Park West Complex, 3677 Kensington Ave., Burnaby (off Joe Sakic Way, where some of our previous AGMs and swap meets have been held). Free Food : pop and doughnuts. Night flying too: W ill take place after the workshop, weather permitting, at our normal field about 9 or 9:30pm. Topics will be chosen by the attendees. Suggestions are welcome; here are some topic ideas (in no particular order): Center of Gravity flight testing/adjustment explained. Motor down and side thrust purpose and flight testing. Landing and hold-off technique. Transmitter mixing: Why and how to make your plane easier to handle. (E.g. throttle to elevator, throttle to rudder, flap to elevator, aileron to rudder.) Transmitter buddy box's many modes, what each does, and why to use each. Slight danger of wrongly set up "wireless" buddy training. Receiver antenna placement. Know your ESC, and whether it can be reset in flight after low voltage, hi current, or hi temp cut-off. Battery eliminator circuits (BECs). Understand general wiring using diagram with motor battery, BEC (or rx battery), receiver, ESC, motor. E.g. ESC/BEC combo to receiver connection has power running one way on two wires, and throttle running other way on third wire. Battery maintenance, storage (fridge?), and measurement. Assessing a prop for enough power (using wattmeter). Basic aerobatics. Heli set-up, techniques, flying, and training. Stability augmentation controllers (e.g. aircraft AS3X vs. safe, heli flybarless controllers). Glider set up. And why not to use flaperons if you have only outboard ailerons (causes wash-in wing twist and stall). Stalls, spins. And why constant chord wings are less susceptible to wing drop/spin. Advantages and disadvantages of tricycle landing gear. Purpose of transmitter expo settings, vs. dual rates. Suggested settings. Servo arm setup (especially flap considerations), servo testers. Telemetry Transmitter choice. Aircraft colouring for visibility. Why self-leveling, stability controllers (e.g. AS3X) teach you the wrong way to fly an aileron airplane or heli. Others as suggested by attendees, etc.
  • doogledog69
    Nov 4

    Our annual fun fly will be Sunday, August 25th, 2019 at the Burnaby Lake East Sports Fields. All pilots with proof of current MAAC membership are welcome to come fly with us. (electric aircraft only) Test your skills and your nerve in contests which may include Limbo, Inverted Bomb Drop, Dead Stick Landing, Musical Planes, or whatever other mayhem we can come up with. Field opens at 0930 hrs. Pilots' meeting at 1000 hrs. Free water, pop and pizza at lunchtime.


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